Design Technologist

BFA in Visual Communication Design.

15 years of experience in
the digital advertising industry.

Unique mix of talents that bridge 
design with computer science.

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No job too small. Whether it’s ad units, a website, a mobile app, an interactive kiosk, or WebGL– throughout my experience I have worked on an array of projects varying in complexity.


Ability to use existing expertise to assist clients with developing a course of action. Guiding them through project planning and budgeting, selecting the right teams, and researching the best technology for the task.

Pitch Collaborator

Ability to transform concepts into working examples quickly. A time crunch is one of my favorite types of challenges.

Rapid Prototyper

Proof of concepts to A/B testing – experienced in rapid versioned outputs. Ability to increase the feasibility of integrating prototypes into your systems (reducing throwaway code).

Capabilities & Skills

Coming from a strong art background, I have learned that foundations and principles are much more valuable than a tool that may be eventually obsolete. That being said, understanding the capability of a tool and its’ appropriate use is equally important. Technology is always changing, and I take pride in my ability to adapt and excel in this ever-evolving industry.